About A|PART

The A|PART brand and blog is the result of my love of writing and being a life long "odd girl out" in any and every circle I have ever been in. Knowing I'm not the only one in the world who feels like they are a total outcast, I wanted to create a platform that served as a place of inclusion for those in the world that love God and felt like they never really fit in anywhere. 

I want to not only share my journey but also share the journeys of others who also feel like they have been set apart from the world. 

I've been saved for over 15 years now and through the years my relationship with God has grown and changed so much. It wasn't until I got older that I finally understood that God had set me apart for a reason and that it wasn’t a curse but a blessing.

It took years for me to understand why and accept feeling out of place, not because I was too different from everyone else, but because God didn't intend for me to fit in with everyone else. I was created to stand out and be different and to be used by Him for a specific purpose...even if I didn't fully know or understand what that purpose was yet. As I walk this journey being led by Him, I have learned to just have trust in Him.  

Though we may not fully accept or understand why we can't just be like everyone else (seems like it would be so much easier!) remember, we have been set apart for a reason. We are to be in the world but not of it. The Lord has appointed and equipped us with everything we need to complete the purpose He has created us for. To be set A|PART means you have greatness in you! Be proud and embrace this journey, you are not alone. Though it's tough at times, it is well worth it! 

                                             Be blessed,

  Kristin (Kayash)